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We take our name from a prominent trombone quartet founded in London in 1892. By recreating this ensemble, we can trace the evolution of this long-standing idiom throughout four centuries by playing on original instruments from the time of Schütz, Beethoven, Bruckner & Bozza. Their compositions for trombone quartet - with or without vocal accompaniment - demonstrate the trombone’s versatility.

Our aim is to recreate the sounds and colours, with which these composers would have been familiar at the time of their compositions and to explore the historical approach and context of these works with the benefit of 21st Century knowledge of historically informed performance.

The Concert Trombone Quartette members are:
Susan Addison – alto & tenor trombone
Miguel Tantos – alto & tenor trombone
Emily White – alto & tenor trombone
Adrian France – bass trombone & director

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